CCTV Security Cameras & Alarm Systems

Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast

CCTV Security Camera Service & Installation

Newcastle based CCTV system installations. From a residential home to a large commerical multi site complex we have the right CCTV camera surveilance equipment to keep you protected.

Access your CCTV camera on a smart phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world. We make the process easy with user friendly apps and local support.

Experience the highest quality CCTV camera images admissible as evidence when you need it the most. Feel safe and secure knowing you have protected both your home and business with the right equipment.

Contract us to install your Swann camera system

Alarm System Service & Installation

Sleep tightly at night with you alarm armed in night mode. Pet friendly detectors help avoid false alarms while in the event of a real break in you can be notified directly to your phone or have it handled by a security monitoring company.

Access your system remotely and check the status with user friendly apps

Integrate your CCTV camera system and log in to check your premises once notified of an alarm

CCTV, Alarm & Intercom Packages

We have CCTV camera, Alarm and Intercom packages for residential and small business. Click below to see if your property meets the requirements.

Standard Services

  • Residential \ Home CCTV Installation
  • Business CCTV System Installation
  • CCTV Camera servicing & upgrade