Intercom & Access Control

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Installation & Service - Intercoms

Gadgets supply and install leading brand Video Intercom systems that allow you to see who is at your point of interest be it a front door, gate or reception desk. We will setup your intercom to connect with your mobile phone or a stationary unit. Never miss the arrival of a client or guest again and always be one step ahead by knowing exactly who is there with a live video feed.

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    There are added benefits especially with families with children as they can answer a call from the door on the intercom system instead of exposing themselves to possible danger by opening the door to a complete stranger. This was actually demonstrated on a television current affairs program in 2007 focusing on the problem of stranger danger with children. In two of the three cases shown on this program the children opened the front door to a complete stranger placing themselves in possible danger. In the third case the children answered the door on their Aiphone intercom system and refused to open the door to the stranger, so the children were not placed in any danger. Listed below is a short list of some typical services we can provide to you.

Installation & Service - Access Control

Be in control of access to your business. Whether you want to simply prevent access through your front door or set up a complex system where all employees / tenants have different levels of access to segregated areas throughout different times of the day, then we can help.

Typical Services

  • Office entry Video Intercom
  • Home gate \ entry Intercom
  • Door Latch Release
  • Intercom Service and Repair
  • WIFI hotspot cabling